Find the perfect CPA for your business – What are the steps involved?

While most people the ways in which they can find a CPA, majority aren’t aware of how to find a good one. There is a big difference between having a CPA and having a good CPA. There are good, bad and ugly CPAs who are working in the industry and who claim to take charge for your tax advice. When someone makes the mistake of choosing unqualified CPAs, this costs the businesses tens and thousands of dollars every year. They are popular in giving you wrong information on how to answer a letter which you receive from the IRS and they also give you wrong investment advice.

Just as there is Philip Stein – US accountant in Israel, you can always watch out for the best and the most trustworthy accountant in Israel who can help you with deciding your taxes. But how do you know that you’re not being cheated? Here are few things to watch out for.

  • You might not receive what you pay for

In case your tax situation is pretty complicated, no matter how less complex it is, you should always steer clear from untrustworthy tax preparers. You might do it yourself, utilize a software package or visit a tax mill factory. These options are usually bad but for some others, they seem to be perfect. You should want a high grade tax pro when the situation demands it. Make sure you check the services before you hire them.

  • Don’t always blindly trust referrals

There are many examples where the business owner loves his CPA till the time he doesn’t love him anylonger. Several business owners remain in the dark about the damage that the CPA causes them because they fail to check the referrals. You have to ensure that the referral sources are good enough and that they have your best interests in mind. An honest CPA will always offer a straight answer to all the queries asked by the business owner.

  • Ask the proper questions

Once you get a list of at least 5 candidates who are able to work with you, you have to prepare a list of questions. What type of client you usually focus on? For how long you’ve been in business? How much time would you take to retire? What is your USP? What are the charges? Are you someone who offers audit protection? Did you ever have complaints and how many clients have you helped? These are the few questions which you have to ask the CPA.

Therefore, when you’re all set to hire the best CPA in Israel, follow the above mentioned points in order to choose the best one.