The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Trading Online


Online trading has made it possible for anyone to work from wherever they want, set their own hours and make a fortune on the stock market. However, for beginners, buying and selling stocks on markets all over the world can be intimidating and mistake cost money. Technological advancements and trading tools like trading algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, bots and social trading make it possible to make successful trades without formal training. However, before they begin trading online there are a few things beginner’s should know about the stock market and online trading.

Different Types Of Trading

Before beginning to trade, investors should know there are 4 different types of trading and what they are:

  1. Stock Trading: This involves buying, holding, selling stocks or shares.
  1. Forex Trading: This involves buying and selling global currencies.
  1. Options Trading: This is a type of derivative trading where people trade contracts which provides them with the rights to buy and sell an asset for a predetermined price.
  1. Binary Options Trading: In this type of trading investors can either earn a predetermined payout or get nothing at all based on their ‘prediction’ on what happens with a specific market event.

Once a beginner decides the type of trading they will do, they will need to choose a broker or brokerage firm to gain access to the markets. This choice impacts the type of securities, trading tools and resources at their disposal, the size of their fees and the returns they can expect.

Create A Trading Strategy

Developing an effective trading strategy is essential for success. Some traders make many trades each week, while others invest in certain assets and hold them for years. Beginner must decide how often and how much they plan to trade and stick with that plan. Traders that make rash decisions run a higher risk of losing money. A good trading strategy includes a specific goal like getting money for retirement or becoming wealthy. It should also include how much money you will invest and how you will diversify your investments and allocate your finances.

Preparing To Trade

Beginning traders should use a mix of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and stop/limit loss orders when trading. Employing technologies like stock screeners, trading bots, trading algorithms and social trading can also help beginners make wise choices when picking stocks in which to invest.

Common Mistakes Beginning Traders Should Avoid

  1. Failing to create and use a trading plan and a trading strategy.

A number of beginning traders are so eager to get into the market, begin making trades and start making money, do not take the time to create a well-thought-out, comprehensive trading plan. As a result, many of them experience massive losses. Investors without a trading plan tend to simply react to events taking place in the market and lose their money.

  1. Not having a trading journal

A trading journal is used record the trades you make, why you made them and what was the result. This can be an important trading tool for improving your ability to make money from trading. The trading journal can also make it easier for investors to do their post-trading analysis. Crunching this data can lead to more successful trades.

  1. Not sticking to their trading strategy

Sometimes beginning traders do their due diligence and still lose money and they see other investors take a flyer and make money. As a result, some new investors abandon their trading strategy and start making random trades. This is a recipe for failure. A well thought-out trading strategy is the key to long-term success.