8 Mistakes When You Running Culinary Business


A culinary business is one of many people’s choices, since it is considered the kind of business that is easier to do than any other business. The slightest assumption about the culinary business has made many entrepreneurs out of business because they can not face business competition. Ali revealed, there are some mistakes that are often done culinary business:

1. No focus

Business owners are often complacent after feeling their business has been successful. Success at this early stage makes you start not focus on business development, and even trying to build another side business. Ali revealed, it is natural to have more than one business. However, do not rush to have many branches in the near future, or build another business at the same time, because it will only make the attention split.

2. Consumptive

Successful business will provide a decent income. However, income often makes you more consumptive. “The money earned from the business is often regarded as a bonus and your hard work wages, so the money then used to pamper yourself,” he explained. This consumptive nature will be very dangerous for you, especially for business development. Ali added that so far many people prefer to spend their business income on self-satisfaction such as buying gadgets, and others, rather than reinvesting their money to renew tools or investments for new branches.

3. Do not want to share ownership

One way to grow a business is to share business ownership with others. For example through the planting of shares, or with the franchise model. But many people are afraid to do this. They think that sharing ownership will make your profits less, or make you lose. And if done with the right system and strong, the division of ownership will make the business bigger.

4. Stop innovating

In the culinary business, innovation and creativity is one of the mandatory requirements. When culinary products are sold have received a satisfactory response and generate great profits, people tend to neglect to continue to innovate. If you want to succeed in business, should whatever your business do not stop innovating in various ways. Remember that competition will always exist, and if you do not want to lose the competition you should stay creative to create a unique new menu innovation.

5. Not commercially

Food favorite is often an inspiration for someone to make it a field of business. Just keep in mind that not all foods that you like will also be liked by others. “A lot of people have different tastes about food. Even if the food is your favorite food, but still adjust to the tastes of the market and consumers, “he advised. Do not hesitate to conduct a market survey before deciding which product to sell. The error of choosing a product will result in your product being non-commercial and unsold.

6. Price competition

In running a business, competition is not possible to avoid. This competition is not only seen in the competition of the same merchandise, but also price competition. “Price competition is a thing to be anticipated. Because often your competitors will sell the same goods at a cheaper price, to attract customers, “he explained. Try to sell a cheap product but the taste and quality is still good. To generate a cheap price and good quality, hit your little profit. Better not to target too much profit from products sold.

7. Unprofessional

Running a business is not just like investing or investing only. Many people only consider the issue of capital, and just want to enjoy the benefits only. Though business is also a learning process, and the fruit of thought and hard work done by various parties. Ali revealed, in the smallest business we still need a professional attitude in running the business, financial planning, until the election of employees.

8. Foundation is not strong

Make a mature plan early in your business. A business plan will be indispensable as a form of business readiness. Strong planning and business foundation will make your business is not easily destroyed, because it already has a variety of provisions in anticipation of failure.