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Breaking NewsOn July eleven, 2010 the seize of Colton Harris-Moore in the Bahamas made international entrance web page news. The information of his arrest was met with celebration by some while others mourned and wept. Colton’s story is one which fascinates both those that see him as a hero and modern-day Robin Hood and those that see him as only a younger punk with a foul angle. This photo is his famous self-photograph taken with a digital camera reported stolen from a cabin that he allegedly broke into. The photograph was one of several circulated by native regulation enforcement businesses while he was a fugitive to encourage anyone seeing him to report his whereabouts.

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GREAT INFORMATION!!!!! I posted a video from the Hallmark web page on my FB page about them displaying some of the movies this weekend. Certainly one of my FB associates works for the Hallmark channel and she or he stated they are going to decide up the Jesse Stone saga and continue it. Based on what they said it looks like 2015 would be the magic yr. Hope this is as exciting for all of you as it’s for me!

I never knew so many gangs existed in North America till I found this web site. The Global Incident Map separates the data by gang name and placement. Every part from road or bikes gangs to drive-by shootings to weapons trafficking is covered right here. You possibly can study hate crimes have been committed or what the Aryan Brotherhood is as much as. This part additionally gives a neat hyperlink to gang graffiti and tattoos. Many links include videos.