How do I transfer money to an International Account

With the increase of globalization, buying and selling of goods, services, from overseas has also increased. It resulted in developing strong and potential secure method to transfer money from country to country. Most of these transactions are being conducted through banks that have similar links in overseas. Collectively these are termed as “international wires.” In real, there are no such things as an international wire.Keep learning more about transfer money to an international account in this post.

As transfer money to an international account solely depends on cooperation between banks and their agents that have domestic access system at both ends of the transaction. This is formalized according to their own individual norms set by countries.  Every bank offers two types of bank transfer money to an international account one is credit transfer system which is generally slower and cheaper. Another way for transfer money to an international account is … Read more

Comparing Insurance and mutual funds. How to choose?

Difference between life insurance and mutual funds

Now a day’s life insurance is also touted as a high-performance and flexible financial investment option by companies that offer unit linked insurance schemes. These schemes are presented as an alternative to mutual funds although life insurance and mutual funds are two very different financial instruments which are designed to serve different purposes. When planning your financial investments and future both of these instruments can be and actually should be part of one’s long-term investment plan. Primarily an insurance policy is designed to pay lump sum amount to the investor on maturity or to the dependents in case of death.

Function of insurance plans and mutual funds

The primary function of a life insurance plan is to secure the financial future of your loved ones thus any return that one will gain through investment options in debt, equity or a combination of both … Read more