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Breaking NewsOK perhaps I’m not the brightest bulb on the block -however I did graduate with honors from college so there IS something good upstairs. Add a highly artistic mind and you have got a mind that is ripe for in search of out Conspiracy Sites on the Web.

However not only is it just the best way that we collect info that has changed, but how we talk it once it has been discovered. More and more, those info interactions are via social networks: web-pushed talking tools that reduce our personal communication to knowledge piles, stacked with fast, floor-degree proclamations. The sort of deep pondering that gave Descartes the comfort to qualify his personal existence, gives technique to information sharing, shallow thought, and the comfort that a pc has certified our existence for us.

Michael Lembeck is probably not categorized as a teen idol in all people’s e-book, however I added him right here as a result of I all the time thought he was cute, even when he did put on sparkly makeup for his function as Kaptain Kool, chief of the rock group The Kongs. The group hosted The Krofft Supershow that aired on ABC from 1976-1978. In the second season of the sequence, the glittery make up was gone, thank goodness.

gmwilliams: yes! Nixon was like Richard III by Shakespeare. I can’t imagine I forgot that Shakespeare character! Thank you to your insightful remark and for reading this piece. Your analysis of Nixon is phenonmenal and I agree with all the pieces you say. He most actually did do all of it to himself. He was so deluded and delusional! Yes, he felt cheated out the the presidency in l960 when Kennedy received. And he by no means forgave an enemy. What a tragic, unhappy, tragic determine he turned out to be. Thank God he resigned and left the presidency. An impeachment trial would have been horrible. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Jan, thanks for sharing such a heartfelt, poetic response to the horror and unhappiness that all of us felt/feel as the news unfolded earlier than our eyes. The disappointment continues for individuals who lost their lives and for those who could feel they’ve lost their sense of freedom, which is a very broad sense is all of us. Ignorance and hatred can only be overcome by learning and purpose, mild. You’re a lovely mild.