Safe Gold Storage


With the current changes in the market, investors have turned to precious metals as their investment. Owning your gold, silver, platinum or any other valuable metal is one thing, but storing it is one whole different thing. Storing your gold at a precious metals depository is, of course, the most appealing solution for the safety of your investment compared to tucking it away in some shady corner inside your kitchen or safe or just any other ridiculous storage spots you might come up. First rule about storing your precious metal? Store it away from your country of residence. The state you choose should be very stable, economically and politically. Singapore is one such country and guess who realize this too? The Indigo Precious Metal (IPM) Company. With their vaults at the tax-exempted area, Le Freeport of Singapore, you can store your gold with peace of mind.

Key features in safe gold storage

  1. High-level security

All depositories take security critically. This way is not different at IPM. The vaults are under 24 hour’s surveillance and armed guards at the heavily barricaded doors while employing the latest technologies in security monitoring.

  1. Complete allocation and isolation.

Gold storage should not violate your ownership rights because your investment plan is backfiring. Therefore, storing at IPM assures complete ownership of your gold. The gold is stored in your hidden vault at Le Freeport in your name thus you retain your rights over the precious mineral.

  1. Accessibility

Keeping your gold away from you should not mean keeping you in the dark and in uncertainty. With an appointment in IPM, a customer can inspect their metal at the storage facility. More importantly, with an advance 48 hours’ notice, a customer can physically collect their gold at Le Freeport.

Additionally, IPM faithfully emails or posts valuation statements to their customers after every four months. These statements entail the exact location and condition of the precious metal. It also comes on hand with a note showing the storage charges.

  1. Efficient delivery.

Equipped with the necessary documentation and a 24 hours’ notice, IPM assures fast, protected and insured courier postage to their customers wishing to deliver the metal or using a freight forwarder physically.

That way you can make your transactions with peace of mind.

  1. Liquidity

Another important consideration is the possibility for resale of your metal. If you want to sell your mineral while in storage, IPM has got to you covered. With their hassle-free trading at competitive prices, all is good to go.

  1. Insurance and assurance

To further protect your investment, IPM has ‘Goods In Trust’ coverage plus an additional insurance cover held by Le Freeport.

Your holdings are further fully insured through Lloyds of London which is a leading third-party vaulting provider.

Third party custodian at Le Freeport exempts customers from any risks related to the company such as bankruptcy or insolvency.

  1. Confidentiality

Every client is entitled to privacy of their holdings. IPM offers this having their management bound by the confidentiality clause of the storage agreement.

Coupled with their competitive storage rates, IPM offers you the very best of precious metal storage.

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