Is It Useful To Buy Online Car Insurance?

Every time a new car rolls out of a dealership, whether or not it has all the accessories, it surely will have a car insurance. While some feel it is a part of the deal or that they are being forced to buy the insurance along with the car, there is a different reason altogether. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates all vehicles to have a valid third party car insurance to be driven on the roads. One of the easiest ways to ensure the same is to offer you an insurance with a new car.

With a new car and an insurance, you need not worry about anything else. However, one must not forget that the policy only lasts for a year and that you must renew or buy a new one at the end of the term. It is during this phase that one starts thinking a bit more seriously about a car insurance. If you are someone going through a similar phase, buying online car insurance online is one of the smarter approaches that you can take.

Apart from offering you the much-needed legal clearance to drive on the roads, an online car insurance offers a lot more. With the cost of vehicles and labour charges going up, it is going to get a bit expensive to repair any damages on your vehicle. If you plan to do so from your pockets, it can burn a hole in your pockets.

For an instance, if you consider a standard hatchback in the country, the repair costs of a bumper can set you back by INR 5000. Similarly, any damages to the headlight assembly can cost you INR 3000-5000. If you renew your policy on time or ensure that you buy a policy, such expenses will be a thing of the past.

Buying online car insurance is quickly catching up with car owners and there are a lot of reasons for the same. For starters, you need not spend a lot of time speaking with any agents or company representatives. Thereby ensuring an unbiased purchase. Secondly, buying online car insurance is quicker as well.

Since the application form and other formalities take place online, it doesn’t take long for the process completion. After you pay for the policy, you can expect the documents to be in your mailbox within a few minutes.

How to Buy Online Car Insurance?

To buy online car insurance you can either visit any insurer of your choice and look for renewal or buying a policy option. The website will require some mandatory details from your end after which you will get a quote from the insurer and the remainder of the process. You need to provide all the mandatory details and any supporting documents and complete the payment for the policy to be delivered to you.

Alternatively, you can visit a comparison website. You would need to enter similar details up front. But post that you will receive quotes and policy information from a number of insurers. This way, you can take a look at the offerings by comparing on Coverfox and choose for yourself a policy that best suits your needs. The process remains relatively the same.

After you have decided which policy to buy, enter all the mandatory details and provide any supporting documents. At the end of it, you need to pay for your policy and that is the last step of the process.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance

The following are the major benefits of buying an online car insurance.

  • Unbiased Decision

Since you do not reach out to any agent or company representative, you will end up taking a decision that is unbiased. Another benefit of the same is that you learn a good deal about your policy. Which can be quite helpful during claims or renewal the subsequent year.

  • Comparison

In comparison, you receive quotes and policy information from various insurers at the same time. Thus, allowing you to assess policies and their capabilities. You can pick a policy that is either feature-rich or one that is low on premiums or a combination of both. Comparing not only lets you buy a policy that is low on premiums but also one that packs in a lot of features as well. And most importantly, you get to choose from a lot of different options, for example buying a Hyundai i10 Used Cars or Hyundai i10 Personal Lease.

Car owners who seek to buy more policy for the same amount or wish to save money on their premiums buying online car insurance is the right way to go.