Something Must Be Owned By The Businessman


Confidence is the ripe body and soul. Characteristics maturity is someone he does not depend on other people, have a high sense of responsibility, objective and critical, emotionally stable, not easily offended and furious.

Task-oriented and results

Various motivations will arise in business if we are trying to get rid of prestige. We will be able to work hard, energetic, shamelessly visible to your friends, as long as we’re doing is right.

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Risk decision

Entrepreneurial full of risks and challenges, such as competition, prices fluctuate, the products were not sold, and so on. But these challenges must be faced with the full calculation.


Must have leadership that is not only ruled, but set an example for his subordinates, and a good leader must be willing to accept criticism from subordinates, he must be responsive.

Oriented to the future

To deal with foresight, an entrepreneur will be planning and mature strategy, in order to clear the steps that will be implemented.


Creativity is defined as ability to create a new product. The new product does not need a whole new meaning, but may constitute parts of products only. So creativity is the ability to create new combinations or see new relationships between elements, data, variable; preexisting.

Utilization time

There is a time for work and a time for relaxing. But it being understood we use more time for productive activities. For entrepreneurs holiday is not much, even they consider a holiday as a business opportunity, they are not holidays, but it serves the needs of people who are on vacation. A true entrepreneur is a person who can work in a team, bias trust others, do not work alone, one-man show.

For entrepreneurs, certainly talks more focus on the business, where the threat, which must be avoided, and where opportunities can be exploited, exchange ideas with the primary relationship is the talk of business people.