Billing Made Simple for Small Businesses

The American Dream of owning your own business is becoming more and more popular. The advent of a “side business” or just running a small family business part time along with a more traditional job has resulted in thousands of small businesses in every community. Pride of ownership and financial security are great benefits but many owners don’t clearly understand all the details of running a small business. One of the most difficult tasks for these new owners is getting paid for the service that they have provided or the product that they have sold. But a great new solution for invoicing and payment issues can be found at Not only will this site allow you to create customized, professional looking invoices, but it offers many other features as well.

  • The site offers you the ability to process payments online. Now your customers have the convenience of using a credit card and you can enjoy getting payments faster. No need to set up expensive online payment processing with your bank or with a point of sale vendor, just let the aynax site process payments for you.
  • The site also offers a payment record resource to help you track all payments made to your business even if customers pay in cash or with a check.
  • Once you create the invoice, you can email it to your customer using the simple email button on the website and it will even alert you when the email is viewed by your customer.
  • The manage invoices area allows you to quickly review the amount due on an invoice, any amount that was paid and the totals of your invoices. This single tool will make your accounting processes much easier and less time consuming.

This one simple tool will turn your accounting headaches into a fast and easy process. Now you will have more time to growing your business, meeting your customer’s needs and enjoying the benefits of owning your own small business. And the best part is that your account at is free.