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The Low Down on Screen Printing

There is a ton of consideration to put into screen printing, so if you are interested in making sure that you are able to do some screen printing, it is a good idea to prepare for some fun yet challenging activities. So if you would like to learn more about screen printing, the first thing you will have to keep into mind of will be the actual materials and equipment that you will need, because it is important to ensure you have ink, a good stencil, screen printing press, a wooden frame or a aluminum frame, and you will need to have the actual screen itself, so just take that into thought. When you want to do some screen printing, then do not get shocked at the prices you have to spend for a professional set because they can easily cost thousands of dollars, but you can do screen printing without having to spend a fortune all at home, and that is pretty amazing to say the least.

When you are planning on doing screen printing, you will need to have some basic things first before you are able to begin. The first thing you will need to get is the actual screen themselves. There is actually a ton of factors you will want to consider when you are interested in screen printing because once you have your screen, you will need to also need the frame which can be made out of either wood or aluminum and have the screen stretched over the frame and the tighter it is, the more detail is going to show up. When you have your frame and screen mesh, the next step is to gather the materials to burn the image of your choice in the actual mesh, and in order to do this you will need some sensitizer fluid, emulsion fluid, and then you will also need to have some transparencies as well. You will still need some more things such as a photo bulb lamp that is actually two hundred and fifty watts, you will need to have a black cloth that can be used to block out light, and then you will need to get some glass that can be used to cover your mesh frame. Some extra things you might need will include, the ink, you will need to have squeegee, gloves, sink, you will need some kind of water supply as well, and then now you will be able to make your own custom designs on your clothing, which is pretty awesome to say the least. That is all you need to know on screen printing when you are interested in getting started, so just go out and have fun with this.

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