Why you should never trade in lower time frame

There are many traders who often trade the lower time frame to make some quick profit. But in the long run, they are the ultimate failure of this industry. If you look at the success rate in the financial industry then you will notice that it’s the long time frame traders making consistent money. The Forex market can be traded in a number of different ways and there is no specific trading strategy. You can use the indicator based trading system or even chose to trade the key swings in the market. But most of the traders in Singapore are trading the live market using price action confirmation signal. The rising popularity of price action trading lies behind its simplicity and reliability. But mastering all the price action confirmation signal is not all easy rather it is one of the most complex tasks among the professional price action trader. And … Read more

10 Rules For Success

There are some interesting facts that colleagues may need to know about Bill Gates. Certainly the name is already familiar to us all, as the founder of Microsoft, software that rule almost in all computer use in the world, Bill Gates is phenomenal.

A bit of history about Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955 under the name of William Henry Gates Jr. Attending Lakeside, which is the most elite school in Seattle, he attended college at Harvard University, but was dropped out. It was at Lakeside that in 1968 Gates was introduced for the first time to the world of computers, in the form of a teletype machine connected by telephone to a time-sharing computer. This machine, called ASR-33, is still on the market.

In essence this is a typewriter which students can then enter the commands sent to the computer, the … Read more

How do I transfer money to an International Account

With the increase of globalization, buying and selling of goods, services, from overseas has also increased. It resulted in developing strong and potential secure method to transfer money from country to country. Most of these transactions are being conducted through banks that have similar links in overseas. Collectively these are termed as “international wires.” In real, there are no such things as an international wire.Keep learning more about transfer money to an international account in this post.

As transfer money to an international account solely depends on cooperation between banks and their agents that have domestic access system at both ends of the transaction. This is formalized according to their own individual norms set by countries.  Every bank offers two types of bank transfer money to an international account one is credit transfer system which is generally slower and cheaper. Another way for transfer money to an international account is … Read more