Money Matters – How to save tax by investing in mutual funds?

Over the period of time, the government is making more regulations on the taxpaying for the country’s development. However, this is making a little bit difficult for the taxpayers and they are looking for some better investment for tax saving. For this particular situation the, mutual fund saving came as the best answer for the investors for saving money on tax. The Equity linked savings scheme lets the employees in saving tax up to 1.5 lakh. With the help of the ELSS, the investors can escape the more tax paying and saves their money in the returning funds. This is the best option to date that helps the people in saving a large amount of money into the taxes.

What is ELSS and how much can I invest in it?

ELSS or Equity linked saving scheme is the investment scheme that helps the people in saving tax. This scheme invests … Read more

Safe Gold Storage


With the current changes in the market, investors have turned to precious metals as their investment. Owning your gold, silver, platinum or any other valuable metal is one thing, but storing it is one whole different thing. Storing your gold at a precious metals depository is, of course, the most appealing solution for the safety of your investment compared to tucking it away in some shady corner inside your kitchen or safe or just any other ridiculous storage spots you might come up. First rule about storing your precious metal? Store it away from your country of residence. The state you choose should be very stable, economically and politically. Singapore is one such country and guess who realize this too? The Indigo Precious Metal (IPM) Company. With their vaults at the tax-exempted area, Le Freeport of Singapore, you can store your gold with peace of mind.

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Approaching Your Financial Goals Correctly


A comfortable living is something that each and every person wants to provide for themselves and the people that they hold closest. However, this can be very difficult to achieve simply because most people are caught in a cycle of working long hours in order to eliminate the bills that exists within the month. When you are focused on simply attempting to get out in front of bills that are coming in, it can be very hard to make any progress when it comes to your financial desires. The best way for you to ensure that this is not something that continues to make your life difficult would be to explore the benefits of If you have a bit of extra time on your hands, the website would ensure that your time is being well spent. The is here to help you when you come to the … Read more