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Words should not needed, the photograph is admired and appreciated simply by itself. That is what characteristic images is most like. It is considered one of a only a few genres in art that’s honored by being awarded a Pulitzer prize in each newbie and skilled classes, each coloration and in black and white. Williams appeared on other exhibits, together with Adam 12 and The Mod Squad, but in 1969 … Read more

Get Prepared for the Next Stock Market Crash


While no one – not even the most experienced stock broker on Wall Street – can predict the next market collapse, it’s wise to be prepared if and when the next one occurs. Markets can fall due to several economic factors, such as unexpected inflation, deflation, declining economic growth or sudden shock to the financial markets, points out Forbes. Each of these economic issues require you to approach asset allocation a bit differently. Taking action before a stock market crash occurs rather than after it happens is key. This means your plan should start today. While your investments are rising steadily (hopefully you have an adequate plan in place!), that could all change at any time.

Invest in Bonds

Bonds are the solution to hedge again equity exposure; if economic growth were to suddenly plunge or any other economic factor were to take a hit, bonds will likely rise … Read more

Buying Gold: How to Get Started

Indigo Precious Metals should be your number one source for information on gold investment. Gold is the world’s most popular precious metal – everyone who’s anyone wants to invest. But how do you get started? It’s surprisingly easy.When buying precious metals like gold, you can take multiple approaches to ensure you come out with the most profitable investment. It’s also important to take care and do your research before making any commitments or handing over any cash. You don’t want to get short shrift while someone else ends up with all the good fortune. Don’t take risks when buying gold – follow our gold-buying guide to get more out of your investment. You can learn more about buying gold at for all your precious metals needs.

Things You Need to Know

There are lots of ways to get started buying gold bullion and plenty of reasons why you should. … Read more