Buying the Best Domain in NameCheap

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Namecheap is a provider of domain name that is very reliable since the 2000’s. The advantages of namecheap is the price is much cheaper than in other places. As the name implies, NameCheap. But even though the cost does not mean cheap service quality, in fact quite the opposite. That is why it has been long enough I entrust namecheap as a place to store this domain and domains also others that I have.

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NameCheap is the best domain provider and renowned worldwide. NameCheap also provide the coupon code or Namecheap discount code, snippet purchases each month so that you get the discount price. Domain renewal price in NameCheap cheaper than other domain providers. If you are interested in purchasing the domain at NameCheap, here’s how to buy a domain:

Visit Create your free account NameCheap (Sign Up). Fill in the form provided in accordance with the bio, and click Create Account. It would appear your account home page that contains account information.

Buying Domains

Select the Domain tab, then select Register a Domain. Will appear Domain Name Search to check whether your chosen domain is available or has been purchased others. Enter a keyword or domain name that will be checked on the column, and then click the Search button.

It would appear the result of checking domain name with multiple extensions, ranging .com / .net / .org /.biz and so on. When the .com extension already bought someone else, you select a .net or .org extension. If your chosen domain is available, check the box next to the domain and click on the ADD TO CART to buy the domain. Shopping Cart will appear that contains the items you want to buy. Free Whois Guide (free for a year) are included in it.

Notice the part where you enter the Coupon Code discount codes. To get this coupon code, open a new tab in your browser. Visit, then look for the coupon on the month in which you purchase the domain. Once you enter a coupon code, click the APPLY button so that you automatically receive discounts. When you choose a .com domain extension, after the coupon is entered, the price of the domain will be at a discount to be cheaper.

Click the Express Checkout, or Checkout to proceed with the purchase. Checkout will appear: Enter Contact Information. Fill in the form provided with your identity. After the above form is filled, click the Save and Continue to Payment Options page appears. When you use PayPal, click the Check out with PayPal. Will appear to login to your Paypal account. Enter your PayPal address and password in the fields, and then click the Log In button. Review the display will show your Information. If everything is correct, click the Continue button. You will be direct to your NameCheap accounts that appear confirming your purchase. Congratulations you have successfully bought the domain in namecheap!