Buying Gold: How to Get Started

Indigo Precious Metals should be your number one source for information on gold investment. Gold is the world’s most popular precious metal – everyone who’s anyone wants to invest. But how do you get started? It’s surprisingly easy.When buying precious metals like gold, you can take multiple approaches to ensure you come out with the most profitable investment. It’s also important to take care and do your research before making any commitments or handing over any cash. You don’t want to get short shrift while someone else ends up with all the good fortune. Don’t take risks when buying gold – follow our gold-buying guide to get more out of your investment. You can learn more about buying gold at for all your precious metals needs.

Things You Need to Know

There are lots of ways to get started buying gold bullion and plenty of reasons why you should. The global economy will continue to destabilize as we continue to spend money we don’t have – the effects of this are especially palpable in countries like the US. Gold bullion is a vital means to protect yourself from economic instability. Gold also resists inflation, meaning, even if the economy takes a downturn, your investment will stay strong. Moreover, gold is by nature a low-risk investment (which is why it’s so popular). Did you know that gold bullion provides the low-risk foundation for the investment-allocation pyramid? Remember, the more you know, the better prepared you are for all eventualities. Similarly, investing in bullion is a great way to gain experience if you’re looking to build up a portfolio. It’s never too late to start!

Take Care When Buying Gold Bullion

Gold bullion appears in bars ranging from 99.5 to 99.99 percent purity, tending to appear in 1 oz., 10 oz. and 100 oz. bars. Remember, the heavier your investment, the more valuable it is. The purity of the gold also plays a large hand in determining its value. This is why it’s especially important that you do your research before parting with your cash. Some disreputable dealers may try and rip you off. So watch out!

The Rarity of Gold

 Gold’s rarity, especially in its purest form, makes it the perfect, and preferred, precious metal for making jewelry. But the difficulty with buying gold jewelry as opposed to investing in bullion is that you will end up paying a large premium. Gold bullion, while pure, doesn’t undergo the same meticulous crafting process that jewelry does to make it attractive to customers. Think about it this way. Should a simple Casio made on a production line cost the same as a Swiss pocket watch made by hand? Craftsmanship costs, which is why you’re better off investing in bullion.

Antiques and Auctions

However, if jewelry is what you have your heart set on, then try scouting auctions and estate sales. Some owners may not realize the true value of a piece of jewelry and sell it for much less. Similarly, others may choose not to bid for it, believing it to be worthless. This can be a highly profitable means of acquiring gold and will be sure to bring you a substantial return on your investment.