Accounting Software Meets the Retail World is larger than life online. They’ve shared their technology with at-home sellers who want to benefit from the Amazon platform. To give you an idea of the massive number of merchants selling on, take their 2016 sales numbers. Amazon handled shipping and processing for over 1 BILLION merchant orders in that year alone. Numbers promise to remain high for decades to come. Given the large number of orders processed through Amazon, it’s natural that sellers would want a way to use their accounting software with the Amazon sales platform.

Thankfully, software has come along to meet that need as well. Fellow online giant QuickBooks gives Amazon sellers a convenient set of benefits to handle the accounting part of those sales. It goes without saying that QuickBooks online Amazon integration became a central daydream of sellers in the past. The great news is that today, that software exists.

By integrating Amazon with QuickBooks, you have an automated way to keep track of sales, money from those sales, sales tax, regular accounting, and much more, all from just integrating those two platforms together. Being self-employed always has the added stress of having to keep track of all of your income during the year. Sometimes when you sell a lot of things online, it can be difficult to accurately account for those sales. With the help of this revolutionary integration, Amazon sellers have an easy way to automatically post all of their Amazon sales stats to their QuickBooks program. Expenses are another thing that the QuickBooks program takes care of. Come tax time, you’ll be glad that you used this accounting software to keep track of everything.

QuickBooks is more about accounting, though. It’s about increasing your productivity and sales. By looking at a comprehensive overview of your sales, expenses, and sales charts, you get a clear picture of how your business is performing annually. You never have to write these things out or wonder if something is missing. If you’re an Amazon seller, you can grab third-party software to integrate Amazon with QuickBooks and use both of those programs to their maximum potential.

Online sellers have more tools now than ever before to get their product out there. The work behind the scenes remains just as important, though. While Amazon handles the sales platform, and QuickBooks does your accounting, in the past you couldn’t integrate those two platforms and have a good set of records to use come tax time or to measure performance. Now you can do both in one simple step. These integration programs are as helpful and important to businesses as Amazon and QuickBooks themselves. By combining the amazing platforms together, you have an awesome one-two punch to score a knockout over the course of your next business year.

If you haven’t tried integrating Amazon with QuickBooks, you’re in for a real treat. These two programs make a mighty force for any independent online seller to have on their side during the busy sales year.